1. Hi my name is mick and i went down to MIND JUBILEE HOUSE to have a chat and to get into a support group but waiting list at moment but passed the HUB PROJECT and that you meet every monday so i thought i would contact you to see what you do and to see if it will help me whilst i am waiting to join support group { the reason for my visit to mind was i have for the past 2weeks have low moods and having had depression before and still on medication i want to nip it in the bud SAM was the person i spoke to at MIND and suggested the hub
    thank you

    1. Hello Mick

      We are setting up a speak and share group from the 18th September at the Victoria Hub, it will be weekly every Wednesday from 10am-12pm.

      It will be a drop-in group, This could potentially help you, you are welcome to attend.

      Kind Regards

      The HUB

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